Nadar Saraswathi College of Education -

Rules & Regulations


  • Students Should Attend The Class Regularly.
  • Students Should Come In Uniform Saree.
  • Students Should Have 90% Of Attendance Otherwise Students Are Not Allowed To Write The Examinations.
  • Students Should Maintain Silence While Entering & Leaving the Class Room.
  • Students Must Maintain Discipline Inside the Campus.
  • The First Monday Of Every Week Will Start With The Prayer.
  • All Students Should Involve In The Extracurricular Activities.
  • Students Must Wear The ID Cards Inside The Campus.
  • Electronic Devices Are Not Allowed In the Campus.
  • Students are responsible for their belongings.
  • Lunch should be taken in the student dining hall.
  • ID Card is compulsory to all the students within the campus as well as in the college bus.
  • Students are expected to give due respect to teachers when they enter the class rooms.
  • Loitering and making noise in the corridors during class hours must be avoided.
  • Kindly follow the sanitary rules while using the toilet.
  • College Fee, Bus Fee and University Examination Fee should be paid in Time.If They fail to pay within the stipulated time, fine amount will be collected along With the Fees.
  • No Visitor (Friend or Family Members) is allowed to meet the students during Class hours without the permission of the PRINCIPAL.
  • Students are allowed to go on tours / one day trips only with the permission From the PARENTS and the PRINCIPAL.
  • At the time of meeting / functions in the college a well disciplined behavior Should be followed.


  • Leave letters or Excuse Letters will not be encouraged on any account During examination time.
  • Attending the Internal Exam and Model Exam is compulsory.
  • During the Examination, students should bring their own pen, pencil, and calculator etc., borrowing the materials from other is strictly prohibited.
  • The students those who found indulging in malpractices like copying, consulting, bringing Bits, exchanging sheets will be dismissed immediately without consideration.
  • Students without hall ticket and ID card should not be allowed to attend University Examination .

Rules for Library

  • The library is kept open from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm on all working days.
  • Strict silence should be observed in the library.
  • Personal belongings such as bags, Tiffin boxes, note books etc., should be kept at the property counter.
  • Users are instructed to make entries in the register while entering and leaving the library.
  • Books are usually lent for a period of 15 days. Books should be returned on or before the date last marked in the book. If the book is not returned in exact date last they will charge Rs 5/- as fine for each day.
  • Sub lending of books is forbidden.
  • Issue, return and renewal of the books are done through the Library counter.
  • Newspaper should be read only in the newspaper section of the library.
  • Students should bring their identity card with them at the time of borrowing Library books.
  • Reference books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and books labeled as reference will not be lent.
  • Students should not damage. Write or make any mark on any book or periodicals belonging to the Library.
  • A students must, on receiving a book, examine it and report to the Library about any damage found there in. Otherwise the borrower will be responsible for the damage.
  • If a book is lost or missing, the borrower shall either pay 3 times its cost or supply the Library with a new copy.
  • Theft, vandalism and destruction of library books, journals and related materials are considered serious offences and such offences will be dealt with seriously.
  • User should leave the books on the table after reading. Misplacement of books in different shelves is punishable.
  • Students should return all the books borrowed from the library one week before the last working date of the year. No due certificate will be issued by the Librarian after the submission of library books, periodicals, CD and project.

Rules for Leave Of Absence

  • Prior permission from the PRINCIPAL is requested to avail leave.
  • If the student is absent, a leave letter should be submitted on the next day Dully signed by their parents.
  • No Malpractices is allowed. If found disciplinary action will be taken.